Thursday, October 13, 2011

JUICE: Revolution by Michael Clutton

Juice could mean global power and untold wealth.

Juice sucks you into the miserable life of overworked entrepreneur Dak Knobel. He doesn't want much. A dog. More money. Maybe a good woman. Being drawn into a tumultuous relationship with Jillian and her sophisticated uncle, Caleb Westland wasn't part of the plan. Jillian's playful overtures are an unexpected challenge, but her sexy friend, Kya proves to be his ultimate distraction.

And stumbling into a Golden Egg with the power to change the world makes Dak a target for trouble. To protect his windfall, Dak forms a hurried alliance with the Westland Family.

Whip lashed from a bleak existence into a blur of chaos with two hot women and non-stop calls from his mother, Dak finds himself at the center of a dispute between factions with inexplicable motives.

Who would kill for his Juice? A Crime Cartel? Aliens? Vampires?

Unraveling the truth will put Dak's hometown at ground zero in a bloody rebellion that's been brewing for centuries. With the body count growing, his lover missing and his daughter kidnapped by Caleb's nemesis, Dak will have to risk everything in a bizarre battle for control of Juice.

Live or die, the revolution ends here and now in a climax you'll never see coming.

"As good as Sookie, but a lot funnier... A Gripping Page Turner."

"The ending just Killed me… Makes True Blood look like Kool-Aid."

"Clever Story Telling... Ingenious plot… Well Blended Genres."

A seamless blend of gritty reality, situational humor, awkward romance and heart-pounding horror woven into a believable plot with provocative twists makes JUICE an entertaining smash hit.

Michael Clutton loves to write, fish and make people laugh. He’s married and has three small dogs. The part of Goliath was actually based on a 9-pound wonder named Cheetoe.

You can learn more about Michael and follow his activities on the www in all the usual places.

JUICE: Revolution is available in print and ebook formats

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