Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fiction Freebies!

The General, by Tim Miller

A short story and a chapter in his blog novel. Also, there are pictures!


Sleep Tight, by Anne Frasier

From Amazon: “Women who dye their hair blonde may think twice before heading to the salon after reading Frasier's (Hush) enthralling thriller about a serial killer who plucks the eyes out of his young blonde victims and grafts rose stems onto their fingers-all in an effort to create the perfect woman.”

On Amazon


Masque of Moonlight and Shadows, by Darragh Metzger

From Smashwords: “Cool jazz reigns in Venice, warming the spring nights and inspiring the dizzying night life of the beautiful people In the autumn of the Jazz Age, every party is a masque, and every mask hides secrets. Dylan's paintings of Tiffany have swept art circles into a frenzy, made her into an icon, a fantasy, a creature of air and dreams as ephemeral as the music drifting through the evening shadows. But beneath the mask of fantasy is another Tiffany.”

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