Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interview: DB Moon, Author of Summerland

Author Bio: “My name is Desi (D.B.) Moon. I have been a freelance (content) writer for four years, but a fiction writer since I could hold a pencil. My first story written at the age of seven was a historical piece ala Little House on the Prairie. My parents deemed it morbid, which set a precedent for pushing the envelope.

I reside in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my writer/game designer husband, two incredibly energetic children who keep me on my toes, three very entitled cats and one hopelessly neurotic, but none the less lovable Beagler.

Humorous romantic comedy that skirts the cliff of sexual expression, but never takes the plunge, a bit of sweet, a touch of steam and a lot of laughter pretty much sums up my writing “style”. My contemporary romances are not “sweet” but they aren’t “dirty” either.
When not corralling or arguing with the voices in my head (ie. my characters) I work as a dog trainer, am a vet tech student, am an all around coffee snob, I love to bake decadent desserts and have recently discovered the allure of kickboxing.”

What inspires your stories?

Every story I have written has had it's own "trigger" for inspiration. In my debut novel SUMMERLAND, published by Noble Romance, it was standing in line at the grocery store, scanning the tabloid headlines. A character popped into my head (Characters almost always come first) telling me about how hard it is to have a normal private life while living in the Hollywood "aquarium" always being stalked and photographed.

What genre do you gravitate toward and why?

Romance seems to be at the core of every single one of my stories. The beauty of the romance genre is there are so many off shoots (contemporary, suspense, mystery, historical, paranormal etc..) I can experiment and still remain true to the genre.

What are your work habits like?

I treat my writing like any other job by maintaining a schedule. My mornings usually start around 5 a.m. I write until my four year old gets up, and then continue while the lil one is in preschool. Evenings and weekends I make a solid effort to stay off the computer completely.

What do you consider your best work?

That's like asking who my favorite child is, impossible to answer. Every one of my manuscripts are unique in their own way.

Do you plot out your novels in advance or do you write on the fly? When inspiration strikes, I usually have a semi-solid beginning and ending. Everything else unfolds organically as the characters tell me what's going on in their world.

What experience do you want for your readers?

The best reads for me are the ones I get so engrossed in I forget where I am at. I would love for my readers to experience that. As long as they feel satisfied that their time had not been wasted, then I have done my job.

Are any of your character traits or settings based on real life?

In SUMMERLAND, it is my addiction to Project Runway that forced me to make my main character a fashion designer.

In my newest work, Accidental Intent, my main character is a dog trainer. I draw from my own experiences as a dog trainer and use shelter dogs that I have worked with as characters in the story. I also set it in Colorado so I had a base for streets and places.

What are your most significant challenges when you write?

Time management. I get distracted so easily, that I have to make sure certain things are in place before I sit down to write. For example, I can not be connected to the internet. Something as simple as seeing a new email or a comment on Facebook will deter me for an hour.

What are you currently working on?

I have signed a contract with Rebel Ink Press to include one of my romantic shorts- "My Humiliating Valentine"- in Love Bites a V-Day Anthology and I have just started on my first round of edits on Accidental Intent, a romatic murder mystery.

Do you have any writing advice you would like to share with aspiring authors?

Do not compromise your voice to please the masses. Stay true to who you are as a writer, and you will always find pleasure in what you accomplish.


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  1. Love the cover and the interview, Desi & Lea. Best regards.

  2. Thanks Joylene, Fiona Jayde designed it. She has a fabulous eye and does great work for Noble cover art :-)