Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fiction Freebies!

Here we are.

Horror of Yakshini, by Ratan Lal Basu

The protagonist, a collector of antique goods, buys a nude idol of a yakshini from an old man and uncovers it ignoring warnings of its seller. Thereafter he gets infatuated to the voluptuous idol and encounters horrible consequences.


Hush, by Theresa Weir and Anne Frasier

Baby and mama murdering serial killer. A victim who escaped aids the cops in their investigation.


Ok, this freebie isn't a specific title. It's a whole website with really old comics for online viewing and download. It's very cool. However, I did read one that wasn't exactly politically correct. It was a wartime comic, so uh, ya know. Tensions were probably running a little high.

See you Monday!!

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